From the Beginning

Here as I take a long bath between Zbigniew Herbert’s former room his antiquity and his modernism and the house of the woman who decades ago in another continent another time introduced a young student to him and made her pick up the poetry she had left behind in her mother’s shelves in the house of her childhood in another continent another time between the … Continue reading From the Beginning

The Dance

I finally met time it had been approaching or I had been approaching it now we are walking together I get the courage to take it by the hand neither I nor it is leading we are dancing together this one dance that will not last perhaps I will be the one to retreat take a moment to fix my hair take a sip of … Continue reading The Dance

“Call Me by your Name”, the Sea and the Axe

“When one has once had the good luck to love intensely, life is spent in trying to recapture that ardor and that illumination. Forsaking beauty and the sensual happiness attached to it, exclusively serving misfortune, calls for a nobility I lack. But, after all, nothing is true that forces one to exclude. Isolated beauty ends up simpering; solitary justice ends up oppressing. Whoever aims to … Continue reading “Call Me by your Name”, the Sea and the Axe


The sunlight strikes my face I take only one moment to prepare my eyes for the forceful entrance of the light where there was darkness The light unsympathetically waits to make its way into my body as it must Silently wailing I slide out Our beginnings like babies we learn we learn languages and landscapes we find a way when the dark approaches our eyes … Continue reading Beginnings


I knew as soon as I saw the glorious morning sun rear its beautiful face from behind the trees that I would not see you Not today The exchange was natural and I accepted it Not gladly I feel the laws of the universe And how much one soul can handle in one day how much light one pair of eyes can absorb and it … Continue reading Sun