Marina Abramovic on seeing

Marina Abramovic, one of the most influential contemporary performance artists. She has explored the extremes of bodily performance and pain as well as those of the relationship between the artist and his audience, and finally the intimate relationship between one human being to another. This photo depicts her performance at the Museum of Modern Art, which was a culmination of her work in the last … Continue reading Marina Abramovic on seeing

Wake up thirty-year-olds by Oriana Fallacci

Shortly after turning thirty, I read this article from the famous Italian journalist Oriana Fallacci. You can find it in its original Italian here. Below is the main part in English:
…[the thirties] are beautiful because they are free, rebellious, the outlaw years, because the anxiety of waiting is over, the melancholy of decline has not yet started, because we are lucid, finally, at thirty! Continue reading "Wake up thirty-year-olds by Oriana Fallacci"

Let’s begin

First post. First day. First blog. Beginning – noun, the most difficult and beautiful part of everything we do. And no matter what we begin, we still stay beginners at something forever. “Beginners” perfectly portrays this predicament we find ourselves in. Some of the best lines in the history of film. And the reason we stay beginners is perfectly captured by Wislawa Szymborska in: Nothing … Continue reading Let’s begin