Our soul is not bold enough

If I had to preface von Trier’s films with any literary work, it would be this poem that Charles Baudelaire. He speaks the truth and does so vehemently. And, like the director, likes to call out humanity for its hypocrisy.

To the Reader

Folly, error, sin and avarice
Occupy our minds and waste our bodies,
And we feed our polite remorse
As beggars feed their lice.

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Lars von Trier says down with hypocrisy.

Von Trier has a way of making you feel completely alone and not alone. When he takes you down the darkest, most perverse and repressed parts of human nature, he couldn’t care less whether you are prepared for what you see. If you agree with what you see, or at least try to understand or accept it, the experience is at once extremely dark and … Continue reading Lars von Trier says down with hypocrisy.

To be a muse, you have to be original and vice versa.

I have read an endless number of fashion magazines for a period of almost two decades. Some of them with insane loyalty. Every few issues, Audrey Hepburn would show up in their periodical list of style and beauty icons. All this time and yet, only now do I fully realize how much she actually deserved to be there! With all the devotion that characterized my … Continue reading To be a muse, you have to be original and vice versa.

The National – Loving you is easy

It is a rare event in my life when I love an album in its entirety. To listen to every song and truly enjoy each one, to love the lyrics and the melody equally…there is nothing better. One of the loves of my life is The National’s “Trouble will find me.” “Heavenfaced” is the song I hold responsible for making me fall in love. But other … Continue reading The National – Loving you is easy

Poetry as dance

PINA (2011) – a documentary about the contemporary dance choreographer Pina Bausch (she passed away only days after the film production began) I must confess that this is one of those documentaries I watched because a friend told me to. It was a rare event that, contrary to my predictions, her match-making worked. It is a simple yet unique story, the music, interviews, and costumes … Continue reading Poetry as dance

Blue Valentine

“Blue Valentine” – A film about marriage is an understatement. It’s a love story, beautiful at times, and at certain moments uncomfortable to watch. It certainly paints a realistic picture of the painful (in this case) unpredictability of feelings. And unlike similar films about tragically failed relationships – like “Revolutionary Road” – this one does not take you from beginning to end, but back and … Continue reading Blue Valentine