The multidimensionality of love and desire

“Kiss” versus “Caress” It takes a comparison of two paintings from two art giants to illustrate the multidimensionality of love and desire. Egon Schiele’s painting “Cardinal and Nun (Caress)”, painted in 1912, is inspired by his close friend and mentor-figure Gustav Klimt’s famous painting of five years earlier, “Kiss”. Schiele’s particular brand of genius here is at once recognizing the masterpiece in Klimt’s painting – … Continue reading The multidimensionality of love and desire

Kino by Haruki Murakami

A brilliant puzzle of a short story about how mysterious we are to ourselves. Cover image: Number Structure 3 by Kazuo Nakamura The premise of this cryptic short story is the life of a regular man and bar owner named Kino. As it continues, you find yourself in a puzzle, in the midst of characters and symbols which represent something other than themselves. These figures and … Continue reading Kino by Haruki Murakami

Gustav Klimt and New York Fashion Week 2015

Klimt”s overarching presence in today’s fashion. How have the designs for this year’s New York Fashion Week been influenced by this great artist, nearly a century after his death? I have been admiring the designs from Fashion Week for the past week in order to satisfy my own curiosity. For better or worse, I consider fashion one of the many “branches” of modern art, or one … Continue reading Gustav Klimt and New York Fashion Week 2015

Best of New York Fashion Week

From the first four days I absolutely loved six of the 19 collections from the opening four days of New York Fashion Week, making the first half of this week quite impressive. On my next post, I will pick my favorites from the closing days of NYFW 2015. For the best of this week, I have picked my six favorites below: Most: inspired: Prabal Gurung’s is the … Continue reading Best of New York Fashion Week

My not so funny Valentine

Dedicated to the clients I never had on Valentine’s Day. What is good for business is, unfortunately, bad for the soul. That is why they can hardly be combined. Inherently, one most definitely stomps on the other. My relationship with Valentine’s Day is complex, even slightly hypocritical. I have helped celebrate and spread the spirit of this senseless holiday more than your average person yet, I have … Continue reading My not so funny Valentine

Asaf Avidan’s golden mix of old and new

Gold Shadow The music, the lyrics, and that voice – every element of this album is in beautiful harmony. The way the music and the story develop as the albums plays from beginning to end is unique to this particular album. It is one of the rare occasions that I followed the flow of the songs naturally, without wondering about their order, which I often … Continue reading Asaf Avidan’s golden mix of old and new