Contemporary classical ballet

Italy and Germany make a nice combination The contemporary classical music is entitled “Infra 5” by German born composer Max Richter (who has also re-worked Vivaldi’s Four Seasons). The ballerinas, Eris Nezha (Albanian) and Petra Conti (Italian),are husband and wife, former first dancers of the Teatro ala Scala, the internationally famous opera house in Milan, Italy. Continue reading Contemporary classical ballet


Rainer Maria Rilke on art

From his “Letters to a young poet” It’s a privilege to be able to enter the private lives of great artists through their correspondence with one another. Rilke has written these letters as advice to a young poet who is in constant doubt of his talent and the road he has chosen. The way in which Rilke gives him direction is at once personal and … Continue reading Rainer Maria Rilke on art


Songs of Biblical Proportions: “Take me to Church” and “Hallelujah”

The magical combination of love and religion that spawned endless covers There is a certain magic that happens when [physical] love is described in [literal] terms of faith and religion. Clearly, this works because they, piousness and physical love – are often seen as opposites or, rather, enemies of one another. So when one is taken to describe the other, boundaries of blasphemy are crossed and, in that, there’s certain power … Continue reading Songs of Biblical Proportions: “Take me to Church” and “Hallelujah”


The many faces of dance: The best dance scenes in modern films

..or the faces of many dances. What is it about dance? Good music can easily accomplish what all other art works harder to achieve: the total bypassing of our analytic side for the direct and seamless infiltration into the emotional and instinctual part of us, resulting in the sometimes uncontrollable physical response. Music moves us, quite literally. This response it inspires in us is unlike any other. “Life … Continue reading The many faces of dance: The best dance scenes in modern films