The Red and the Black – Stendhal, Martin Luther King Jr. and Woody Allen

No soul is purely virtuous, none fully corrupted I have heard the name Stendhal all my life. Shameful as it is to admit, I have a degree in Literature and had never picked up any of his work. I had created the very wrong idea that he was a sort of a boring French philosopher, an idea perhaps caused as a result of  a certain pretentiousness … Continue reading The Red and the Black – Stendhal, Martin Luther King Jr. and Woody Allen

Best Albanian Expressions

Part 2: Daily Expressions and Colloquialisms Cover Image: Art by Albanian artist Edmond Gjikopulli shows a traditional furniture pattern in Albanian living rooms for many generations with an image of modern children’s sneakers laid on top) In Albanian, as in every language, there are certain idioms which people use in their daily lives that can only be understood with a bit of context. The expressions below are … Continue reading Best Albanian Expressions

Migjeni – Albania’s little big poet

The Songs Unsung Migjeni (Millosh Gergj Nikolla) is considered to be Albania’s national poet of “misery”, partly of his own but mostly that of man, in general. This initially off-putting, yet beautifully accurate, title is the result of his heart-wrenching descriptions of his squalid surroundings. No Albanian poet had neither dared nor cared to tell this particular truth until then. At least not quite in … Continue reading Migjeni – Albania’s little big poet