Beauty is not routine, but a moment of inspiration

“One can’t derive all one’s pleasures from world peace and the birth of babies; they don’t happen often enough.”

I just read this editorial in the ELLE UK edition and found it captured exactly how I feel about beauty so I captured it to share it with all. I thought the paragraph below is especially on point. I have discovered that with an increasing shortage of time to devote to relationships, people like to categorize others. This process simplifies their lives by making the “knowing” process shorter and more efficient. To do this, people use elements of a person’s appearance, and beauty and maintenance is one of these factors. Especially for women, it seems that these process of judgment becomes more of a judgmental process.

“Our culture likes to divide women into two groups: the fashion-obsessed who spend 100% of their time and money on grooming, or the intellectual/frump who doesn't care at all. That’s because, for dark reasons we may never understand, our culture likes women to feel guilty. The false division creates a sense of unavoidable guilt, either for caring too much or not caring enough.”