My long journey to Paterson

I meant to sit down and write about many other movies. “Moonlight”, for instance, made me experience stomach pangs unlike any I had felt in a while and that, indeed, I had forgotten. I was there with the characters during the long, tension-filled, concluding scene, feeling their fear, hesitation, shame, resolve to go through with what they must. It tired me but, in the end, … Continue reading My long journey to Paterson

Art needs solitude

“It takes the courage to be there. You run into your own pettiness. Your own cowardice. You run into all kinds of ugly sides of yourself.” There is a history of art and solitude. One cannot exist without the other. A solitary man does not necessarily produce art but, for an artist, solitude is necessary to get closer to his personal truth, to know himself, … Continue reading Art needs solitude

Best Albanian Expressions

Part 2: Daily Expressions and Colloquialisms Cover Image: Art by Albanian artist Edmond Gjikopulli shows a traditional furniture pattern in Albanian living rooms for many generations with an image of modern children’s sneakers laid on top) In Albanian, as in every language, there are certain idioms which people use in their daily lives that can only be understood with a bit of context. The expressions below are … Continue reading Best Albanian Expressions

Best Albanian Expressions

Part 2: Compliments, offenses and ironies In Albania, we have colorful ways of describing people – generally those we do not like or respect. In the expressions below, you’ll see how sarcasm plays an enormous role in our communication with one another. To borrow a nice expression from English, we don’t bite our tongues when it comes to judging people’s faults of character. Derr me … Continue reading Best Albanian Expressions