Best Albanian expressions

Part 1: Words of wisdom (Fjalë të urta) Cover images: Prints by Coco de Paris I find the specific expressions of each different country fascinating, no less for their humor – the inherent kind but also the kind of humor caused by their literal translations – than the fact that they so simply grasp the culture, mindset, spirit of an entire nation. There’s no gray areas and not … Continue reading Best Albanian expressions

My not so funny Valentine

Dedicated to the clients I never had on Valentine’s Day. What is good for business is, unfortunately, bad for the soul. That is why they can hardly be combined. Inherently, one most definitely stomps on the other. My relationship with Valentine’s Day is complex, even slightly hypocritical. I have helped celebrate and spread the spirit of this senseless holiday more than your average person yet, I have … Continue reading My not so funny Valentine

A relatable problem

Relating confirms with a simple exclamation mark. Learning leaves you with a proverbial question mark suspended on top of your head. Cover Image: “Girl Before A Mirror” by Pablo Picasso The moment the seeds of this essay were first planted was not too long ago, at a live concert, on the eve of a significant birthday. The one where one supposedly makes that transition from youth … Continue reading A relatable problem

Departures of love, death and birds

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome” Isaac Asimov In the East, birds depart. In the West, they return. This much I gathered, following a strange coincidence where I watched three films in two days, all heavy with symbolism about death and religion. Continue reading "Departures of love, death and birds"

Beauty is not routine, but a moment of inspiration

“One can’t derive all one’s pleasures from world peace and the birth of babies; they don’t happen often enough.” I just read this editorial in the ELLE UK edition and found it captured exactly how I feel about beauty so I captured it to share it with all. I thought the paragraph below is especially on point. I have discovered that with an increasing shortage … Continue reading Beauty is not routine, but a moment of inspiration