Four young & contemporary female designers you should know – Isa Arfen

Venera, Serafina, Rosie, Rejina

If dressing is one of the most instinctive ways of non-verbally expressing ourselves, I would choose the designs below to do the talking for me.

Having historically been a fan of female designers (Such as Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo of Chloé to mention e couple), I am excited to see this amount of talent in young - not yet very well-known - designers.

Isa Arfen’s 2014 spring/summer collection is one of the most modern that I have encountered in a long time. This comes only two years after the London-based Italian designer, Serafina Sama, made her debut. For many years she was an intern at Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, and Marnni and worked at Chloé.

The designers stated that "the idea when [she] first started Isa Arfen was, to start creating a small wardrobe of pieces that were more desirable versions of your everyday basic pieces." and that is precisely how they look. The colors are unexpected and so are the silhouettes and, while very wearable in your everyday life, they are everything but basic or ordinary. They look as beautiful as they look comfortable, feminine, contemporary and elegant -- achieving such a balance is quite a feat.

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