Four young & contemporary female designers you should know – Rejina Pyo

Serafina, Rosie, Rejina and Venera

If dressing is one of the most instinctive ways of non-verbally expressing ourselves, I would choose the designs below to do the talking for me.

Her intelligent and graphic designs reflect an understated elegance on the wearer, which is an effect that - needless to say - many contemporary females strive for. London Fashion Week describes her style as "graphic silhouettes, contrasting colours and materials; intelligent, effortless style with a twist”. My favorite part about her designs are the peek-a-boo details that only the wearer - or her very careful admirer - is aware of, such as pocket-linings of the brightest color variety.

Many designers attempt to reach the "art-meets-fashion" pinnacle. Rejina literally and figuratively does.

Read on her road to success.

For more collections visit her website.