Love in perfect measures from the “Little Tailor”

The Little Tailor is a story of love, loyalty and forgiveness. However, if we are willing to accept that loyalty isn't necessarily constant (and something we should not demand of others as much as we do) and that forgiveness becomes necessary only when we assume that loyalty should be, than we take away the buffers and understand that the film is solely and simply about love. Many kinds of it. The loyal and disloyal kind, the temporary and the kind one returns to. Warnings are given and dismissed. Promises made flung in the air as if they are nothing. But, no kind of love is better or less than another in this film and this is precisely what makes it beautiful. No morals, no guidelines. Running late is as much a sin as breaking a promise.

Death is lurking in this film and, as a result, living the - any! - moment is central. The decisions one makes are intentional, even if seemingly unintentional.Taking the measures of a lover's body can happen form the very first night spent together. (Why wait?!) Like anything, love survives only on moments. Those moments feed it or let it die. Death is always lurking, yes, but that never stopped the older tailor as it should not stop the little one.

The length of the film is perfect, because it gives you just enough time, too. Enough time to watch and consider it. Enough to forget and continue on with your life.

Watch below.