Love in perfect measures from the “Little Tailor”

The Little Tailor is a story of love, loyalty and forgiveness. However, if we are willing to accept that loyalty isn’t necessarily constant (and something we should not demand of others as much as we do) and that forgiveness becomes necessary only when we assume that loyalty should be, than we take away the buffers and understand that the film is solely and simply about … Continue reading Love in perfect measures from the “Little Tailor”

I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972, the same day I resolved to kill myself

The most beautiful and brilliant Craigslist posting ever written Sometimes the greatest work of art is not purposefully so. The beautifully written piece below is originally a posting on Craigslist. A posting that I, however, consider to be one of the greatest short [life] stories or, to be perfectly sincere, love letters of our time. The letter’s heartbreaking beginning is only rivaled by its conclusion; … Continue reading I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972, the same day I resolved to kill myself

The Black Monk by Anton Chekhov

I ANDREY VASSILITCH KOVRIN, who held a master’s degree at the University, had exhausted himself, and had upset his nerves. He did not send for a doctor, but casually, over a bottle of wine, he spoke to a friend who was a doctor, and the latter advised him to spend the spring and summer in the country. Very opportunely a long letter came from Tanya … Continue reading The Black Monk by Anton Chekhov

Art needs solitude

“It takes the courage to be there. You run into your own pettiness. Your own cowardice. You run into all kinds of ugly sides of yourself.” There is a history of art and solitude. One cannot exist without the other. A solitary man does not necessarily produce art but, for an artist, solitude is necessary to get closer to his personal truth, to know himself, … Continue reading Art needs solitude

Rainer Maria Rilke on art

From his “Letters to a young poet” It’s a privilege to be able to enter the private lives of great artists through their correspondence with one another. Rilke has written these letters as advice to a young poet who is in constant doubt of his talent and the road he has chosen. The way in which Rilke gives him direction is at once personal and … Continue reading Rainer Maria Rilke on art

Why Loving Joan Didion is a Trap

Liking, listing, and sharing are how you announce a self. And Didion now has become an established talisman of taste, an ideal entry in any catalogue of preferences Cover Image: Celine Spring 2015 Ad featuring Joan Didion I found this article strangely great and hilarious. Joan Didion has become a sort of semi-obscure or very famous -depending on where you are standing – intellectual fashion … Continue reading Why Loving Joan Didion is a Trap

A relatable problem

Relating confirms with a simple exclamation mark. Learning leaves you with a proverbial question mark suspended on top of your head. Cover Image: “Girl Before A Mirror” by Pablo Picasso The moment the seeds of this essay were first planted was not too long ago, at a live concert, on the eve of a significant birthday. The one where one supposedly makes that transition from youth … Continue reading A relatable problem