The Black Monk by Anton Chekhov

I ANDREY VASSILITCH KOVRIN, who held a master’s degree at the University, had exhausted himself, and had upset his nerves. He did not send for a doctor, but casually, over a bottle of wine, he spoke to a friend who was a doctor, and the latter advised him to spend the spring and summer in the country. Very opportunely a long letter came from Tanya … Continue reading The Black Monk by Anton Chekhov

Art needs solitude

“It takes the courage to be there. You run into your own pettiness. Your own cowardice. You run into all kinds of ugly sides of yourself.” There is a history of art and solitude. One cannot exist without the other. A solitary man does not necessarily produce art but, for an artist, solitude is necessary to get closer to his personal truth, to know himself, … Continue reading Art needs solitude

Kino by Haruki Murakami

A brilliant puzzle of a short story about how mysterious we are to ourselves. Cover image: Number Structure 3 by Kazuo Nakamura The premise of this cryptic short story is the life of a regular man and bar owner named Kino. As it continues, you find yourself in a puzzle, in the midst of characters and symbols which represent something other than themselves. These figures and … Continue reading Kino by Haruki Murakami

A relatable problem

Relating confirms with a simple exclamation mark. Learning leaves you with a proverbial question mark suspended on top of your head. Cover Image: “Girl Before A Mirror” by Pablo Picasso The moment the seeds of this essay were first planted was not too long ago, at a live concert, on the eve of a significant birthday. The one where one supposedly makes that transition from youth … Continue reading A relatable problem

Interesting read for the Age of the Selfie

Finding a relatable topic should never be the objective I often think of how essential this phenomenon has become as I write my posts. I tell myself this as I think it can perhaps be an inescapable fate for an artist, author, or even blogger. Reactions are necessary, without them work can so often seem futile. While it is important to find ways to “attract” … Continue reading Interesting read for the Age of the Selfie