The many faces of dance: The best dance scenes in modern films

..or the faces of many dances. What is it about dance? Good music can easily accomplish what all other art works harder to achieve: the total bypassing of our analytic side for the direct and seamless infiltration into the emotional and instinctual part of us, resulting in the sometimes uncontrollable physical response. Music moves us, quite literally. This response it inspires in us is unlike any other. “Life … Continue reading The many faces of dance: The best dance scenes in modern films

Brits do it brittier

In honor of the latest craze over THE new, very attractive British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, who along with his Cumberbitches, have invaded cinema and the internet, I am going back in time for a bit and posting a list – including several Englishmen and Scotsmen and one very important Irishman who could not be left out – that has been brewing in my mind for … Continue reading Brits do it brittier

Departures of love, death and birds

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome” Isaac Asimov In the East, birds depart. In the West, they return. This much I gathered, following a strange coincidence where I watched three films in two days, all heavy with symbolism about death and religion. Continue reading "Departures of love, death and birds"

Blue Valentine

“Blue Valentine” – A film about marriage is an understatement. It’s a love story, beautiful at times, and at certain moments uncomfortable to watch. It certainly paints a realistic picture of the painful (in this case) unpredictability of feelings. And unlike similar films about tragically failed relationships – like “Revolutionary Road” – this one does not take you from beginning to end, but back and … Continue reading Blue Valentine