My long journey to Paterson

I meant to sit down and write about many other movies. “Moonlight”, for instance, made me experience stomach pangs unlike any I had felt in a while and that, indeed, I had forgotten. I was there with the characters during the long, tension-filled, concluding scene, feeling their fear, hesitation, shame, resolve to go through with what they must. It tired me but, in the end, … Continue reading My long journey to Paterson

Art needs solitude

“It takes the courage to be there. You run into your own pettiness. Your own cowardice. You run into all kinds of ugly sides of yourself.” There is a history of art and solitude. One cannot exist without the other. A solitary man does not necessarily produce art but, for an artist, solitude is necessary to get closer to his personal truth, to know himself, … Continue reading Art needs solitude

Rainer Maria Rilke on art

From his “Letters to a young poet” It’s a privilege to be able to enter the private lives of great artists through their correspondence with one another. Rilke has written these letters as advice to a young poet who is in constant doubt of his talent and the road he has chosen. The way in which Rilke gives him direction is at once personal and … Continue reading Rainer Maria Rilke on art

Gustav Klimt and New York Fashion Week 2015

Klimt”s overarching presence in today’s fashion. How have the designs for this year’s New York Fashion Week been influenced by this great artist, nearly a century after his death? I have been admiring the designs from Fashion Week for the past week in order to satisfy my own curiosity. For better or worse, I consider fashion one of the many “branches” of modern art, or one … Continue reading Gustav Klimt and New York Fashion Week 2015

MoMA and Tate come to Tirana via Sigmar Polke

The self-proclaimed lover of dots, Sigmar Polke offers his dots to the public unconnected “The late German artist Sigmar Polke was not the type to make things easy for anyone…Polke’s mercurial nature [is seen] as a way of remaining free. I don’t think there are many artists who have been able to elude definition quite as successively.” – New York Observer For someone who eluded definition as … Continue reading MoMA and Tate come to Tirana via Sigmar Polke

A relatable problem

Relating confirms with a simple exclamation mark. Learning leaves you with a proverbial question mark suspended on top of your head. Cover Image: “Girl Before A Mirror” by Pablo Picasso The moment the seeds of this essay were first planted was not too long ago, at a live concert, on the eve of a significant birthday. The one where one supposedly makes that transition from youth … Continue reading A relatable problem