The Dance of Life, 1899 by Edvard Munch

In the “dance of life”, the protagonist is the female and the courtship phase seems to be the central and most significant part of life for the female, depicted by the actual dance in the painting. The young girl on the left is dressed in white, smiling, anxiously anticipating this phase, waiting for the dance to take place. She is sorrounded by others who are experiencing different stages of “the dance” or, similarly to her, waiting for a partner. In the actual dance, the girl is transformed. This is not only depicted by her red dress, but by her transfixed sexual gaze. The final stage, old age, is portrayed by the woman in black, and is symmetrical with the beginning. However, the girl is now an older woman, dressed in black and no longer smiling, looking melancholicaly at the dance. The “dance of life” stands between these two figures, her dance and the others’ as well

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  • Lola Pg

    I love this painting. Just the other day I was thinking about La Belle Époque in Paris and the optimism that Europeans were feeling during this time, even though there still existed a huge inequality gap. The most fascinating part is the story he is trying to tell and he does an amazing job through his use of colors.

    • joravaso

      Yes, the choice of colors and their symbolism is the most effective here..clear but not too simple. And they give meaning to every other part of the painting, making its story complete