The evening walk, the mother and the town

Cover photo by Jora Vaso - Tirana, Albania

The evening walk
I walk along the street
in the city of memory and dreams
I hear Taylor Swift
from the favorite neighborhood meatball joint
I laugh
Ridiculous I think
I quickly forget as I hear behind me
a beautiful older Chinese couple arguing
I laugh
Immediately I think
In one week I leave
My mother won't see me for months
maybe a year
I almost tear up thinking of her sadness
Then I conveniently remember
that I need to exchange some money
that I am thankful we are all alive
at least
Then I think my mother will not always be
And in one week I am giving up time with her
And I realize I would do anything for her
To show her how much I love her
But here I am walking down this street
on my way to some forgettable art show
To meet others who are meeting others
To build something
To protect myself
Now I understand how love works
There are those who would do anything for me
They must be distracted
walking down the street

Jora Vaso
Written in Tirana, Albania, September 12, 2017

Photo by Jora Vaso - Tirana, Albania

And a beautiful prose poem by Zbigniew Herbert