The red carpet successes and failures of the 2015 Golden Globes

The best, the worst, the nice surprises, the boringly beautiful, the wasted good intentions, the runner-ups, and the winner

Red carpet fashion is not something I deeply care about. Yet, what has always intrigued me is the fact that the red carpet symbolizes the maximum any girl can hope to achieve with her look, assisted by the best designers, stylists, make-up artists, and other services I may not be aware that exist . The stars who walk on the red carpet arrive at a final "look" decision after much thought, many tries, and endless advice. And the curiosity to see that "maximum" lives on.

I am also curious to see whose personal and identifiable style shines through the certain mask that infinite preparations can undoubtedly produce. The preparations create the complete perfectly beautiful look but they can also help undermine one's individual style.

Finally, as I have never completely agreed with any lists I've seen randomly over the years, I thought it was finally time to make my own. So, here goes.

The worst

By "worst" I mean tacky, first and foremost, and unpleasant to watch. I also imply a lack of identity in style or an unfortunate combination of dress to personality, dress to hair style, and so on.  Kelly Osbourne is experiencing a mild case of schizophrenia where she cannot decide whether she is punk or conservative. The combination is ineffective and senseless. Kerry Washington, what were you thinking?  Jane Fonda is stuck in the 80's and it strange to me how no one helps her get out. Talking about shiny red dresses, Heidi Klum's tan has sufficient "radiance" on its own. No need to accentuate it. Shiny red dress criminal number three is Lena Dunham. I think she is extremely funny, but style is not her forte. And finally, Lana del Rey's attempt to look "vintage" completely backfires. She looks like a prom queen, dull and uninteresting.

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Wasted Good Intentions 

Amanda Peet, you cannot "try" and "not try" at the same time. Chrissy Teigen, you cannot look pure, simple, and sexy at the same time. Lupita Nyong'o is too cute. For personal reasons, I tried the hardest to like Claire Danes and I almost convinced myself. But, something has gone wrong here and I cannot deny it. I like Jemima Kirk and new designer Rosie Assoulin, but the combination does not work, especially not with the red carpet background. Sometimes the dress and the person bring the worst in each other, like any bad relationship...and the surroundings do not help. Robin Wright, you have become too aware that people think you're cool and it shows. You are cool, maybe, but tone it down with the all-too-evident self love. Keira Knightley and Kristen Wiig look cute because it is difficult for them not to be appealing (in their own different ways) but they didn't quite make it for me. Too bad, as I had high hopes for Wiig's dress designer when she would make her debut (check out her beautiful orange bird-print dress).

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The boringly beautiful

Let's get out of the way the fact that they do look beautiful. Yet, I found myself really bored from their choices. These girls continue channeling the old Hollywood sirens. They "succeed" each and every time, yet can it be called a success if it almost exactly the same each and every time? Alos, I hope that Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain do not have the same stylist because they both have exactly the same red wavy hair, dresses cinched at the waist, and an overload of "old Hollywood glamour".  "Old Hollywood" is beautiful, but sometimes it is just that: old. Amal Alamuddin, one of the most beautiful and successful women outside of Hollywood, has simply worn something classic without the updated twist that look would need to bring it to 2015.  Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon may look "flawless" and that is exactly the problem. They are flawed and that would be more appealing if they didn't "box" themselves into perfect "classy" outfits. No risk, no spice! Apropos, someone needs to pour some salt and spice all over Kate Beckinsale and Catherine Heigl. Emily Blunt took her Grecian goddess look too literally and that is slightly bothersome to me. Meanwhile, you Salma Hayek, are gorgeous for your age but you are not a princess.

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The best [surprises]

I must admit, so many of these women on this list I never even look at (Leslie Manning, Camila Alves) but here they did something different and refreshingly noticeable. Jennifer Lopez looks like a beautiful, improved version of her usual self. Kate Hudson is borderline tacky but seamlessly avoids it to look sexy and fearless. Julianne Moore looks beautiful. She wears a similar dress to one that an actress half her age wears and looks so much cooler in it. I do not know who Julia Goldani is, but I like her look here. Lorde is an awkward teenager who looks much older than her years but what she does mostly works. And the same goes here. She has stubborn style and I love it. Anna Kendrick, Felicity Jones and Rosamund Pike have found the perfect dresses for their individual types of appeal. Amy Poehler looks more beautiful than she has ever looked and Helen Mirren's hotness is quite inspiring.

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The runner-ups

Their modern blonde bobs help. Diane Kruger, Naomi Watts and Sienna Miller all look simple and modern.

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The winner

Emma Stone. A little bit of awkwardness, a lot of confidence. Comfortably cool and beautiful. This is the right amount of "trying".

That's it. If you don't agree, do like I did - go and make your own list 😉

Emma Stone in Lanvin
Emma Stone in Lanvin