Wake up thirty-year-olds by Oriana Fallacci

Shortly after turning thirty, I read this article from the famous Italian journalist Oriana Fallacci. You can find it in its original Italian here. Below is the main part in English:
…[the thirties] are beautiful because they are free, rebellious, the outlaw years, because the anxiety of waiting is over, the melancholy of decline has not yet started, because we are lucid, finally, at thirty!

If we are religious, we are sure of it. If we are atheists, we are sure of it. If we are in doubt, we are doubtful without shame.

And we do not fear ridicule from the young because we're young also, we do not fear the reproach of adults because we are also adults. We do not fear sin because we understand that sin is simply a point of view, we do not fear disobedience because we have realized that disobedience is noble. We do not fear punishment because we have concluded that there is nothing wrong to love each other if we meet, to abandon each other if we get lost: we no longer keep accounts with the school teacher and we don’t still have to keep them with the priest. We only hold ourselves accountable, with our grown-up pain. We are a field of ripe wheat, at thirty, no longer sour, not yet dried: the sap flows in us with perfect pressure, swollen with life. Our every joy is alive, our every grief is alive, you laugh and you cry as you will never in the future, you think and you understand in a way that you will never be able to again. We have reached the top of the mountain and everything is clear up there: the road we took to climb it, the road we’ll take to descend it.

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  • Ilir Limaj

    Nicely put!:)

  • Yiannis

    Perfect! …wish i could read the full article, but the part you translates hit home with me!:)

    • joravaso

      Thank you Yiannis 🙂
      Yes, with me too! I’ve translated what I think is the best part. The title is “Wake up thirty-year olds” and that’s exactly what this piece of writing does.